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Perfect harmony

Ethicon Endo-Surgery

EES leads the market for ultrasonic surgical tools and asked for a cart that would simplify life in an operating room. We started at the beginning.

When you set up for surgery, the first thing you do is find what you need. Not all surgical devices are easy to find so we made Harmonic easy to recognize. Storage and transport are pain points. Navigating hallways with heavy equipment is not why people become nurses. We made Harmonic small enough and light enough so anyone can move it.

“Navigating hallways with heavy equipment is not why people become nurses.”

We scrubbed up and observed procedures. Some doctors use hand controls while others use foot controls. We created a cart that works with both. Some teams position the cart to mark the boundary of the sterile field so we gave Harmonic two handles- one for inside the sterile field and another for outside.

Ultrasonic vibration gives surgeons the ability to cut, coagulate and dissect with extraordinary precision and fewer instrument exchanges. EES built its reputation on reliability, precision and ease of use. We wanted to keep that brand promise. Harmonic is light and strong. Cables are routed internally to reduce visual clutter and simplify cleaning. To make a memorable first impression, the cart is delivered fully assembled anywhere in the world. When it arrives, it is ready to go to work.

To reduce cost and save energy, we reduced the weight of the cart by 27%. But lighter is not always better. We set the weight to achieve a precise stability objective and to create a physical sense of build quality. When you roll Harmonic into place, you have an immediate sense of strength and quality. Weight and sound are important elements of the design.

Fifteen percent of the aluminum we use has been recycled. To improve efficiency and comfort in a crowded operating room, we reduced the footprint of the cart by 32%. We even developed a new caster and added sealed, precision bearings for silent transport.

When products get this simple, small things make a big difference. We shaped the top surface to cradle the device for easy installation and a secure feel. We designed in a cable guide to simplify cable management and we added a drainage slot to make clean up quick and easy. There are lots of things to think about in surgery. Your cart should not be one of them.

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